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Janis Johnson, 2011


I've had a love affair with travel from my earliest memories. As a child, the far-off lands in National Geographic were invitingly exotic, matched by the silk saris, carved wood boxes and ivory-tusked miniature elephants brought back by my parents from their World War II service in India. My father's watercolors transposed distant places and regional landscapes onto walls at home so that we could transport our imaginations every day. Our frequent road trips in stylish 1950s automobiles led us from Ohio and the Midwest to oceans and mountains - and the edge of exploration beyond.

As a journalist and years later as a consultant and business traveler, each journey allowed me to exercise my curiosity about people and places, both legendary and ordinary. This Womantraveler blog began as a diary for recording the highlights and findings from these business and personal excursions for others, continuing my practice of journalistic storytelling. More recently, though, it's transitioned into a journal of outward and inward experiences while traveling through life.

My professional story is chronicled in LinkedIn ( and my business-related websites, and you can read more about how a small town upbringing fueled this adventurous life in my book, The Artist's Eye: Vernon P. Johnson's Watercolors of 1950s Small Town America (see link to the left). As I explored my father's own journals and artistic work, and probed into his motivations and processes, I better understood how his visual ability to interpret what he saw influenced me as a writer. I hope you'll take a look and also continue to meet me here in the community of Womantravelers - because if you're not one, you surely know one.