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February 2005

January 2005

Sideways in Santa Barbara

Who says road trips are a guy thing? My friend Peggy and I took a "Sideways" tour in Santa Barbara, California, wine country a couple of years before the hit movie, most likely about the time Paul Giamatti and Thomas Haden Church were first reading their scripts. (Click here for more about the Oscar-contending movie, which just won a Golden Globe for best picture in the musical or comedy category.) In nearly every respect we were a completely different duo -- two women of a certain age, with grown kids and solid relationships with the men in our lives. We simply wanted our own weekend adventure, and we knew that buddy trips aren't just for guys. Read more →

Party of One

When I first started traveling for business, I was petrified of dining alone. I thought I would be marked as a loser and I had no idea how I'd fill my time. My conversations with chefs, bartenders, servers, house managers, and other solitary diners have led to these guiding principles for having a great solo dining experience. Read on, and send me your favorite solo dining places. Stay tuned -- I've a forthcoming list for you as well. Read more →