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LA: Alas, The Rains

On the fourth day of the last deluge of steady rains, I headed to the beach for some fresh air and a beach walk between showers. It felt as though I was emerging from Middle Earth. There were more people than usual on the Marina del Rey stretch between the Venice Beach pier and the ocean channel, and we all had that pallor that comes with extreme sun deprivation. Since before Christmas, Southern California has seemed more like Miami Beach in hurricane season. With each subtropical storm, we break 100-year records. We've reached more than 31 inches of rain this... Read more →

Paris Notes: Anticipation

A little more than a week before my trip to Paris, I experience one of those nuits blanches of restlessness, fix a cup of chamomile and mint tea and calm my mind with Alain de Botton's The Art of Travel. I am struck anew by his thesis -- that there is plenty of information available about what to do when we travel but precious little about how to travel well. Earlier in the day I officially began my Paris journey at the French Market Cafe (2321 Abbot Kinney Blvd., 310.577.9775) in Venice, California in my part of Los Angeles. I... Read more →

Low-Pressure Business Dining in DC

In the nation's capital, where pressure and intensity accompany the everyday bravura of self-importance, I prefer to hold my business dinners in a more relaxed setting. Although this doesn't work in all cases, with certain colleagues we accomplish plenty by slowing down for a couple of hours, hearing ourselves without shouting and experiencing carefully prepared alternatives to predictable power-dinner menus (steaks, chops, whole fish and blah blah blah). Women particularly like this option. Read more →

Paris, at Home

Leave it to girlfriends at home to come together to help launch one of their own on a fabulous solo vacation -- in this case, my upcoming Paris trip in March. It was Peggy's idea to organize a dinner party around a theme -- we'd cook from Ina Garten's Barefoot in Paris that she gave me for Christmas. And thus began the countdown toward my vacation. I picked the first and main courses from the book -- Winter Squash Soup (Soupe au Pitiron) and Salmon with Lentils. Peggy and JoAnn provided the munchies (while we cooked), the salad and the... Read more →

We Spa

"Spa" has transformed from a noun to a verb. Originally from the name of the famous mineral springs in Spa, Belgium, spa-ing has proliferated from the day spa down the street to luxury resorts around the world, embracing relaxation, beauty, and health. Today there's something for everyone. Read more →

Do Your Part for the Cure

What better way of spending a weekend or some of your vacation than walking or racing for a breast cancer cure? Womentravelers are preparing for this year's Race for the Cure and the Avon Walk, among other opportunities in your communities. Now is the time to think about how you can do your part through a few hours, an overnight, even a five-day walk. Read more →