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Paris: Know Your Wine Words

The French can write volumes on a single sip of wine. Here's an insider's lexicon of more than 60 nouns and adjectives that the savvy connoisseurs use to describe the experience. Combine the bolded words -- which are favorable -- into remarks like, "This wine is harmonious, with great finesse and grand character," or "A good nose, with a lively body and firm strength." If your assessment falls into the not bolded descriptions, mai oui, choose another wine.

Bouquet or "nose": zero, insignificant, light, slightly developed, medium, appreciable, good nose, very good nose, great nose

Equilibrium or harmony: Very unbalanced, unbalanced, hollow, modest, lightly balanced, balanced, harmonious, rich, perfect

Straightforwardness or clarity: Turned, sour, unfavorable, uncertain, relatively straightforward, very straightforward, clear, very clear

Finesse or elegance: Vulgar, crude, common, "whatever," ordinary, fine enough, great finesse, extreme finesse

Body or structure: Skimpy, meager, thin, light, lively, full, very full, heavy, very heavy

Character or personality: Inexistent, muted, neutral, subdued, good character, full of personality, great character, earthy, very earthy

Acidity or "nervousness": Watery, angry, flat, smooth, normal, vigorous, acidic, ripe, caustic

Strength: Lethargic, flabby, tender, substantive, round, firm, tough, bitter, rough

Evolution or aging: Stodgy, not suitable, early fruit, young, done, composed, oxydized, passé, used up