Paris: Know Your Wine Words
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Womantraveler Update

Womantraveler has been on a brief vacation from In my recent J0185243_1 cruise around the Web, however, I collected some must-see destinations for you to browse and enjoy.

As I re-launch next week, blog in with your ideas about how we womentravelers on the other side of 50 -- women who are looking for smart, thoughtful, engaging information that parallels our life experiences -- can build a new community on the Web. It's not just about package deals, cheap tickets, and special promotions. It's about traveling the way we want to -- alone, together, with our partners and families -- in ways that are individualized, responsive to our life stages, and sensitive to our market as baby boomers who have been creating new pathways our entire lives. Here is a web community to share your stories and network with other women like us.

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