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Travel by MP3 in PA

Here's another development in the technology-fueled innovative resources for Pennsylvania travelers. Following the recent launch of the travel blogger project, now come downloadable MP3 travel guides for iPods and similar devices to reach out in particular to younger travelers. Read more →

Dusting Off My Cowgirl Boots

Forget about sandals and flops, a real girl wears Western boots in summer -- the out-of-season trendiness making them even hotter and you tougher. Manhattan has discovered cowgirl boots, along with Steve Madden, Saks, Urban Outfitters, et cetera, et cetera, requiring longstanding Frye boots stores to dust out their bins and dig out their classic styles. Read more →

Cycling: Use Heart Monitors Wisely

Cyclists and other exercisers who drape themselves in health monitoring equipment shouldn't be obsessive about the data. We're not all Lance Armstrongs. While these abundant technology tools may be useful, they can be motivating for the very committed and possibly distracting or demoralizing for others. Think about why you exercise and what's best for your mental as well as physical state, researchers advise. Read more →

Traveling Alone Abroad Smartly

With more women traveling alone abroad for business or for pleasure, it's important to know the local customs and practices, as well as safety considerations. The US State Department has a list of helpful hints for a womantraveler on its website, along with other useful travel information and advisories. Read more →

Hip in LA? Hits and Misses

LA Style is whatever you make it. Anything goes,and, for some reason, people with really bad taste like to copy each other. That goes along with feeling (not necessarily being) young and free and experimental. This clothes horse has a clever beat on LA fashion for regular viewing. Read more →