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Travel Snobs: How to Dazzle Us

OK, we get it, you are vacationing by car in the most fabulous place in the world -- not because you brought home a pair of earrings by a local artist but because your bumper sticker and your handbag telegraph in advance that you are a snob. Rather than tacky and fun T-shirts to remember your vacation, the hot trend is coded zip codes and area codes to brag to other all-knowing insiders (reminiscent of the "My Son is an Honor Student at..." bumper sticker craze).

In fact, a scientist who has observed the phenomenon compares preening to or from the Hamptons as similar to the behavior of baboons, the New York Times reports. So, go ahead, do that in-your-face advertising -- because we don't want to be around you anyway. You've helped us plan, and we will be sure to enjoy our getaway somewhere else.