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Yoga For WomanTraveling

As a business womantraveler, I've added yoga to my travel workout menu. While women friendly hotels are more focused on fitness options for business travelers, I find that sitting in meetings for often days J0399708_1 at a time, schlepping through airports, sleeping in beds and on pillows that don't always fit my body style, and spending hours on airplanes add up to aches and stiffness that aren't diminished by hotel gyms. It really takes both -- dedicated use of hotel fitness centers as well as stretching -- to feel good, sleep better, and maintain high energy. I've found a reliable online resource for simple travel yoga practice. With a laptop, I can view yoga poses on the Web, as well as listen to meditation music on a CD and play exercise videos, including pilates, in my room. It's an easy and winning combination of technology and healthy living that makes mind and body feel great.