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February 2006

Must-Do Cambridge Rendezvous

The February Gourmet Magazine gives a lead mention to Chef Steve Johnson's Rendezvous at Central Square, a hip new restaurant in Cambridge, MA. Building on his reputation as a "Best Chef" in the Boston area and a James Beard Foundation "Best Chef in the Northeast" nominee, Johnson has created a special dining venue that Gourmet calls one of its latest "talked about" dining destinations and local Boston reviewers are giving great press. Read more →

Hearts in San Anselmo

Our hearts go out to San Anselmo outside San Francisco, one of the charming Marin County towns that was devastated in the floods of New Year's Eve and celebrated a "Put the Heart Back In San Anselmo Festival" this weekend. Imagine 5 feet of water and mud sweeping just six weeks ago through the restaurants, antique and clothing shops, bookstores and art centers of this 19th century railroad junction that is steeped in history and filled with Marin County insiders for coffee and shopping on weekends. Read more →

A Polish and a Light Chardonnay

Charlotte, North Carolina's airport may be only the nation's 17th busiest airport but I'd put it high on the list of best amenities. Let's hear it for a little pampering for women business travelers who spend their work days darting from airport to airport and can use only so many T-shirts. Found one evening at Charlotte/Douglas International Airport some smart choices -- a nail salon, not far down the aisle from a wine bar featuring North Carolina products from the Yadkin Valley. Read more →

PF Chang's With a Clinton Accent

It's not easy for a woman business traveler, despite all the advances. We criss-cross the US, land in strange places at odd hours and still have to eat a decent meal to fuel us for our next day. Landing in Little Rock, where everyone sounds like Bill Clinton, I wonder what dinner will bring. I soon find out. PF Chang's is a dependable find. Read more →