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June 2006

Fog City Survival Kit

It's that time of year again, and though Mark Twain apparently never made this quip, he gets the credit for a phrase that is emblematic of Fog City. Sizzling temperatures in the low 100s in the valleys to the east of town suck in heavy fog from the Pacific Ocean. The Bay Area’s summer fog is nature’s air-conditioning. Read more →

The ABC's of Biz Travel

Successful business travel for me has three requirements -- comfort (including quiet), convenience and connectivity (and if we're lucky, charm). So much for the C's. Which means that the right B's (or B&B's) can fill the bill as much as any executive hotel. And we womentravelers get an A for adaptation. Which brings me to the Cornerstone Mansion in Omaha, Nebraska, where the ABC's of women's business travel are largely met. Read more →

Against Type in Rural France

For all the senses that France excites, the most pleasurable for me arrives with the unexpected. If you want to take a group to a breathtakingly simple, comfortable and genuine country retreat, where a Zen-like spirit creates an atmosphere of peace, beauty and exploration, then consider Le Moulin de Vaux two hours west of Paris in Chateau-du-Loir between Le Mans and Tours. Read more →

Connecting Abroad by Cell - Updated

It's easier and simpler to take along an international cell phone on trips out of the US, especially if you want one for emergencies and minimal use. This is especially important for the womantraveler who wants to stay connected -- to children, sitters and aging parents -- because, alas, alack, it makes us feel more secure. But the choices for purchase and rental are wildly different, and you need to think ahead and have a sharp pencil to do the math for what suits you best. Read more →