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July 2006

Fog City Escapes: Mill Valley

After 10 days of temperatures in the three digits, the San Francisco Bay Area welcomes back the fog. She dropped our temperatures as much as 30 degrees! Tourist or local, one of the best places to appreciate the advantages of the fog-sun summer mix is in Marin County's bohemian Mill Valley, typically in the '70s by day and the upper 50s-60s by night (but recently sweltering near 100 degrees). Read more →

Fog City Escapes:Tiburon Summer Nights

Across the San Francisco Bay in Tiburon, we have escaped Fog City for sunny Tiburon summer nights. We who delight in the San Francisco Bay Area in the summer, as in all seasons, know how to position ourselves: a glance out the window or from a near hilltop lets us know where the fog is and where it isn't. Tiburon, north across the Golden Gate Bridge in Marin County, is happily often in the "isn't" zone. Read more →

Songbirds Fly in Local Clubs

In the fertile music scene of San Francisco, finding a singer-songwriter like Keeley Valentino in a local club is not surprising. You just have to pay attention to what's available when you travel on business or pleasure to any town. Like Sweetwater Pub, the renowned local live music club in Mill Valley in the Marin County suburbs north of Fog City. Read more →