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Yosemite's Awesome Grandeur

I was unprepared for the awesome grandeur of California's Yosemite Valley. The expressive images captured by photographer Ansel Adams remain sharply tangible in my mind's eye. Our four-hour drive east from San Francisco slowly curved up Route 120 to the Big Oak Flat entrance station at 4880 feet above sea level, then down to the quiet jewel of Yosemite Valley. Still a high altitude at 3900 feet, you feel cupped in a hand by such imposing granite monoliths as El Capitan (7569 feet) and Half Dome (8836) ringing the views. While the National Park is 1169 square miles, the valley... Read more →

Clos Pegase Wine and Art

Clos Pegase, a temple to both wine and art, is the Napa Valley winery I recommend friends visiting when they're searching through the hundreds of options. Designed in the post-modern style by architect Michael Graves, the winery also houses the internationally renown art collection of owner Jan Schrem. In addition to the winery, a visitor can take a tour (including self-guided with narrative) of the 24 sculptures in the gardens and porticos as well as the art in interior galleries. One of the most famous in the collection is Henry Moore's "Mother Earth," who faces west and is usually bathed... Read more →