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Traveling by Book: Just Read!

Writer Sonya Worthy's journey to document people reading in the USA thrills, then confuses, me. I start the article in today's San Francisco Chronicle, then put down the newspaper before I finish and rush to the computer to write about it. Online I puruse one of her blogs. Shouldn't I be digging into my next book instead? Simple answer -- as National Book Week opens, accompanied by the dour statistics about the declines in reading, the value of the printed page must be aggressively noted -- and celebrated. As a business womantraveler, books and book blogs are the way I... Read more →

DC: You Can't Go Home Again

I've moved in and out of Washington, DC at least a half dozen times over the past 30-some years, so it's more "home" than anywhere else. But what I keep experiencing when I return now on visits is that old adage, "you can't go home again." What happens when we leave and come back to favorite places? Our remembrances of the old days lock in time -- and the new experience can be terribly irritating. Let's face it, in the grip of our memories, we hate change! And then I found a favorite old haunt had not changed at all... Read more →

Beware of Wi-Fi Hackers

Wi-Fi's spread and convenience bring threats, so be prepared. A helpful article in today's Wall Street Journal offers these tips to minimize the dangerous machinations of hackers. It's good info for general Wi-Fi use in your hotel room, home or office, and especially for Wi-Fi hotspots. The person nearby in the hotel lobby or airport waiting area may be a hacker lurking to steal information from your laptop -- or even take it over: Keep all computer software and computer protection software current. Name your Wi-Fi network. Conduct all financial transactions -- such as banking, stock market trades and purchases... Read more →

Comfortable In-flight Gear? Suit Yourself!

In this do-it-yourself era of stripped-down in-flight services, you have to make your own comfort. How to do that without wearing your PJs (or looking like it) and without schlepping too much gear? Remember, these days you're likely to be on a small commuter flight with very little carry-on space. Here's the list I check off before every trip for business and personal travel: Read more →