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A Dining Rhapsody in Chicago

After a busy client day in the Windy City, trusting my intuition for a light dinner at Rhapsody's bar in the Chicago Symphony Center was really smart. And the choice of a flight of three cheeses with a salad of fresh greens, a crab cake and white wine was brilliant. Going solo on business, I've learned to ask the bartender what's hot -- and usually that recommendation is a winner. I'm savoring the reminiscence of Raschera (Italian Piedmont), Garrotxa (Spanish Pyrennes) and Tete de Moine (Switzerland), an assortment of both goat's and cow's milk with a variety from sharp to... Read more →

The Longest Day of the Year: Live It!

It is important to take note of the mystical summer solstice -- the longest day of the year, this year on June 20. Since I was 16 and spent Midsummer's Night in Norway as an exchange student, I have never taken this day for granted. There is a feeling of extended infinity, accompanied by the realization that the days will begin to shorten (which we won't dwell on now). And this happens this one day, suddenly, often before we are struck by its presence. So fair warning -- get into it! Every year at this time, almost surprisingly, I recall... Read more →

San Rafael Street Festival Redux

Womantraveler was on an extended vacation when Typepad featured her blog this week. Stay tuned -- there are lots of stories ahead...Meanwhile, as it's a deadline, the Italian Street Painting Festival in San Rafael, CA returns this weekend -- and if you're in the San Francisco Bay Area, check it out. This is how close you can get to the artists! Read more →