Sorrento, Come Back!
Autumn in New York with Jude Law

Wi-Fi in United's Skies

I tried out United Airline's new GoGo in-flight Wi-Fi service between New York and San Francisco yesterday. It can be used on laptops and smartphones and other handheld devices equipped with Wi-Fi. What a Photo_102607_002 breeze! United's service is now available in all classes on its p.s. (premium service) flights from JFK to San Francisco and Los Angeles and is already on several other U.S. airlinesVirgin America, which was the first beginning in May, is now offering a free holiday season promotion to all guests through Jan. 12, 2010.

I was planning to sleep but couldn't resist the free offer from the GoGo sales rep at boarding. (GoGo's single flight passes range from $5.95-12.95 a trip, depending on the length of the flight, and a 30-day pass is $24.95, which can be used on all participating airlines.) It works just like any other short-term Internet service -- you go to a login page, put in a special code or your regular subscription information, et voila!

I sent several emails (and received) as well as surfed the Internet for work-related research. I even wrote my previous blog item, "Sorrento, Come Back," but didn't go live from the air because the signal was too slow uploading the pictures. That I had to do once back in the office, but so far, I would call that a minor issue. Here's what the Wall Street Journal's high-tech guru Walt Mossberg has to say about GoGo.