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October 2010

Rediscovering Hometowns

I returned to my hometown after 50 years -- and wrote a book about it, The Artist's Eye: Vernon P. Johnson's Watercolors of 1950s Small Town America. You couldn't find a more typical small town in America in the 1950s, and my father, an artist, recognized that immediately. He painted more than 100 watercolors of this Midwest community of 15,000 in central Ohio -- in fact, a town officially recognized as a "typical, small American city" by the US State Department. And thanks to my father's visual preservation of that time and place, I went home after many decades to... Read more →

To Layover or Not?

Stranded in the airport and the choice has to be made for the woman business traveler -- wait out a series of successive standbys to get to your destination or pull the plug, get a room and start over the next morning? Sometimes you have a choice. Here's what I've learned. Read more →

Girlfriends in Paris: Living Near the Eiffel Tower

Despite frequent trips to Paris, I had always taken the Eiffel Tower for granted. Both awesome and flamboyant, it's always in the distant background in the City of Light. But during this trip the Eiffel Tower was a friendly a good neighbor just a few blocks away -- always in sight out the window, glowing warmly at night and shimmering each hour on the hour after dark with stunning drama and poise. The 7th Arrondissement along and around Rue Saint-Dominique was a perfect home base for a week with the girlfriends, an upscale but not pretentious neighborhood, where one of the girlfriends found a well-appointed apartment, fittingly, from Paris Perfect. Read more →

Paris Par Hasard: View from an Ex-Pat

´╗┐Terrance Gelenter is a passionate marketer with a generous spirit, who has turned his love affair with Paris into an experience accessible to everyone through his website, speakers programs and travel planning business, Paris Through Expatriate Eyes. Most recently I ran into Terrance in Mill Valley, California, where he was signing his new book, From Bagels to Brioches: Paris Par Hasard, a semi-memoir, semi-travelogue tale of how and why he made Paris his own. Read more →