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Thanksgiving 2016 Reflections from Lake Tahoe

Up at 6250 feet, with the wind blowing and the snow on the way, I'm feeling the rush of the fresh air and the heights, all which promote opening one's imagination. The book at hand is fiction drawn from the stories of the women journalists who bucked all odds in World War II to be on the frontlines. Who is a Womantraveler, if not one of them?

The trip across country from Miami was easy but the stories were abundant. The couple from Rochester who had selected the United flight because - to celebrate his 80th birthday - he wanted to fly on the Dreamliner. It could have been a huge disappointment but for the attentive crew on this flight. If only he knew what we frequent fliers do. Bless those flight attendants this trip!

A couple of turnaround days and here we are 3 hours drive into the Sierra from the Bay Area. Tahoe 2016-11-23 07.18.35 HDRFrom Miami in the sultry 70s three days ago to the tall pines at 7000 feet in the Donner Pass, each branch still holding 6 inches of recent snow, I am thinking of those World War II pilots and ground-hugging engineers who invaded Europe and trooped through the brutal snowy winters to beat the evil foe.

Bravery is all around. We miss it, caught up in our own day to day, Check out my life in the past 5 days - a visionary university president, the 80-year-old who happily checked off a dream on his bucket list, the tire repair guy who refused payment for an hour of labor to fix a slow leak, the friends who opened their big rental house to all comers for a fantastic Thanksgiving "family thing." Ritz Northstar 2016-11-24 17.37.27And a celebratory holiday evening at the Ritz Carlton Northstar, a ski resort that is a peaceful escape at the top of the world (even higher at 6900 feet).

In these eerie U.S. post-election weeks, we are surrounded by frightful insanity in our electoral politics, our presidency, the values that we hold dear. We escape, name it and call all to task, vowing to do our part to rebalance our world. But for the moment, most importantly, we take a breather during the holidays take care of our own.