Luxury Cruising: Custom Travel

Luxury cruises allow for a customized experience built around ports, cuisine, room style, or entertainment. Not interested in a floating city, we opted for Silversea cruise's all-suite small ship experience, regularly voted "the world's best small ship cruise line." Onboard the Silver Whisper, a luxury floating hotel, we learned that Silversea's advertising slogan, "Nothing Excluded," is not hype. With 350 passengers and 270 crew, our wishes were literally their command. Read more →

The Luxury Cruise: Do It Now!

A luxury cruise, like the Silversea Silver Whisper -- drop dead luxury. Do it once, do it now. And to get the most out of it, keep in mind that nothing is perfect, even luxury. So plan for that and you'll have the time of your life. In fact, once you get the hang of it, you can use these tips to turn an ordinary trip into a luxury experience. Read more →

Sheer Gourmet Pleasure in Antigua

The Cocobay Resort's exclusive restaurant Sheer is a gem of a secret in Antigua. Tucked on a cliffside at the resort on the southwestern side of the island, Sheer is situated in six split-level open pavilions connected by wood deck walkways. Overlooking the Caribbean and softly lit rocks, the restaurant seats only two dozen guests in tables of two or four and is open for dinner five nights a week. Read more →

Cocobay Resort: Island Time in the Caribbean

The shaded breezeway of Cocobay Resort's welcome area is the entrance to paradise on the island of Antigua. While "paradise" is a frequent term from the Florida Keys to the southern Caribbean, Cocobay Resort can comfortably claim it. As an alternative to large and overdone resorts, Cocobay is intended to feel like home, with an all-inclusive plan (accommodations, three buffet meals a day, house wines, high tea, and water sports) that make it an effortless sanctuary. Read more →