College Towns

College Town Getaways: Penn Prez's Philly Faves

University of Pennsylvania President Amy Guttman's insider's travelogue of Philadelphia is a really engaging excursion that illuminates how the city continues to buff up and spice up its urban chic and appeal. With so much history to preserve (aka The Declaration of Independence and Ben Franklin), yet a carefully restrained yearn for the contemporary, Philly has always had the challenge of not turning legacy into parody a la Disneyland. Read more →

College Town Getaways: Berkeley's Classy Shopping

A male friend described 4th Street in Berkeley, CA, as "a bunch of shops you don't need" -- which is precisely the point! This is a totally fun shopping (and dining) destination. We had a wonderful business lunch at CafĂ© Rouge, a lively French bistro where the carnivores reign (including the carry-out butcher counter at the rear), and I splurged on truly mouth-watering steak frites. 4th Street -- how can I count thee the ways? Read more →