City Wine Bar Meets Napa Tasting Room

The food and wine mecca of San Francisco continues to present the fineries of gourmet high-style with the simplicity of exquisite neighborhood casual. This certainly comes in the city's restaurants of all sizes and shapes as part of its neighborhood-based identity. Now comes an abundance of local wine bars, where visitors or residents can experience the tasting rooms of Napa and Sonoma wines, Burgundy and New Zealand grapes, and more. These often funky places are not pretentious, but they are knowledgeable. The connoisseur experience is just down the street, with the world at your fingertips. Not that wine bars are... Read more →

Biking for HIV/AIDS

My friend Tia is biking from San Francisco to LA this week to raise money for HIV/AIDS. Her adventure blog is a stitch -- she's not only a dedicated cyclist and hiker, but she's a wonderful writer and journalist. So I wanted you to be able to share in her adventures -- the FAQ she and her friend developed is really fun! And, if you are so moved, contribute to her cause. You, go, girl! Here are some chronicles of the other participants. But, Tia, we're awaiting the photos? This one only suggests some of her views... Read more →