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Business Travel: Be Agile

Entrepreneurs are agile, smart businesses in the new (aka recession) economy are agile and we business travelers have to be extra-agile to protect our business and navigate the predictable wacky travel uncertainties. It's not only airlines. Here's a familiar tale from a consultant friend navigating the East Coast for various clients recently -- arrival at Washington, DC's Union Station from private car service (to avoid taxi hassles) in good advance time only to discover that the Amtrak from Washington, DC, to New York City is delayed due to a freak situation (water main break near Baltimore). Vital meetings were firmly... Read more →

A Dining Rhapsody in Chicago

After a busy client day in the Windy City, trusting my intuition for a light dinner at Rhapsody's bar in the Chicago Symphony Center was really smart. And the choice of a flight of three cheeses with a salad of fresh greens, a crab cake and white wine was brilliant. Going solo on business, I've learned to ask the bartender what's hot -- and usually that recommendation is a winner. I'm savoring the reminiscence of Raschera (Italian Piedmont), Garrotxa (Spanish Pyrennes) and Tete de Moine (Switzerland), an assortment of both goat's and cow's milk with a variety from sharp to... Read more →

Tax-tracking Business Travel

It's that time of the year again when the W-9s and 1099s start rolling in in anticipation of spring tax season. If you're a business traveler, especially an independent business traveler like me, you're either well-organized and way ahead of the game -- or facing a pile of uncatalogued receipts. So file this advice away now and follow it -- some quick tips for keeping better records on the road. Read more →

The ABC's of Biz Travel

Successful business travel for me has three requirements -- comfort (including quiet), convenience and connectivity (and if we're lucky, charm). So much for the C's. Which means that the right B's (or B&B's) can fill the bill as much as any executive hotel. And we womentravelers get an A for adaptation. Which brings me to the Cornerstone Mansion in Omaha, Nebraska, where the ABC's of women's business travel are largely met. Read more →