New York City

Food Faves in Manhattan, Updated Fall-Winter 2014

Add these restaurants to my running list of recommendations in Manhattan. You can view more choices in these other blog entries - Food Faves in Manhattan Updated Fall 2013 and Autumn in New York 2013. Cornelia Street Cafe, 29 Cornelia Street (Greenwich Village): A culinary landmark since 1977, yet still delicious and unassuming, Cornelia Street suggests a neighborhood French bistro but amplifies with dishes evoked from Americana to Asia as well. Not only that but there are more than 700 cultural performances here a year. It's the type of place you'd love to have just down the street for frequent... Read more →

Food Faves in Manhattan Updated Fall 2013 - Womantraveler's List of New York Restaurants

What's New York without knowing where to eat -- and particularly seasonal and regional ingredients wherever possible? This list is a continuing work in progress -- classy but comfortable get-togethers, suitable for friends, family and business...So stay tuned and more shall be revealed as time goes on... Read more →

More Food Faves in Manhattan - Autumn in New York 2013

Here are the highlights of culinary finds on an October weekend in New York -- particularly south of Midtown in the Flatiron District (and Madison Square Park), Chelsea and the West Village - all definites for your next visit - and ideal for the savvy Womantraveler. See more options on my other running list of Manhattan restos in a previous blog item. Read more →

NYC's Trendy Meatpacking District - Haute Style and High Line

While it's easy to return to a favorite Manhattan neighborhood over and over, what a treat to find a new day-tripping home-away-from-home in the city's Meatpacking District on the West Side downtown. This discovery comes from an Upper West Side perennial, now hooked on the food, fashion, history and reverence for bucolic open spaces in the Meatpacking District. Read more →

Girlfriends Getaways in NYC

The approach of spring-to-summer is precisely when I start planning a girlfriends trip to New York City (and a few other cities girls love). Fortunately the Big Apple's hotels think about us, too, and have come up with some fabulous ways to spend our time and money. These packages are not for the faint of budget -- but if you've got the bucks or are resolved to put yourselves as a priority for the splurge, you go girls! Read more →