I Shall Return!

Sans doute, for those who are paying attention, Womantraveler has taken a very l ong vacation. Refreshment is often necessary, especially in the always-on wired world. But I shall return! So keep checking back for fresh insights and tips focusing on the two essential prongs that inspire this blog: mastering business travel and escaping it all with very cool getaways. Ciao! Read more →

Traveling Beyond the Tuscan Sun

"I love to wake up in a new country and know a whole new world is right there for me to explore," says author Frances Mayes, whose memoir Under the Tuscan Sun was only the beginning of her appeal to the womantraveler in all of us. In an interview with the Sacramento Bee, Mayes describes her adventurous spirit, which she also chronicles in her new book, A Year in the World. Read more →

Riding On, Not In, the Train

Rather than advocating hobo-style train-hopping, womantraveler wants to reward this adventurous young journalist for her impressive piece of writing in the San Francisco Chronicle. As an undaunted explorer, she finds danger an acceptable risk in this thrill-seeking subculture that now attracts the middle class. Read more →

Flying: What Happened to Manners?

We all have our miserable air travel stories -- about the passengers, not the airlines. Most of us do not desire a food court or party bus experience while we're crammed on airplanes with people we don't know. We are flying for business, or even pleasure, but we did not choose to spend our day with you -- we got are stuck with you for a few very long hours. So, mind your manners, please! Read more →

Vagabond Me

Moving home and job for a womantraveler isn't unlike a complex travel experience. It's necessary to be a visionary planner and a resourceful concierge, yet personally fearless, incessantly curious and comfortably adaptable. Skills as a manager are added value in the orchestration of huge amounts of activity, and it's ok to occasionally throw your hands in the air (or have a big cry) and say "help!" No wonder moving is high on the list of the major stressors of life. Read more →